Start the year with great care

Newborn's Feet Cradled in Parent's Hand

I get lazy. My relationships are important to me but at times I say things I know I shouldn’t. For what purpose if they aren’t loving? Selfish purposes.

Once I read something by Erma Bombeck about how if she had life to live over she would do things differently. Burn the fancy candle before it melted on its own; get grass stains on her clothes because she was playing with her children and not sweat the small stuff. Who really cares which way the TP hangs? I mean, really.

So recently my tendency to be critical was flashed in my face. The little things that I should ignore. I knew I’d been caught and there was no escape. So what did I do?

I begged forgiveness and admitted I needed to change, not the other way around.

It was scary, really, realizing I was really wrong and there was no escape. But I didn’t really want an escape, I wanted to move on more healthy – more ready to see the best and ignore the silly stuff.

With God’s help, I was able to move on and the sleep is better, the sun is brighter and even the cold, cold weather and snow inspires me to remember; remember no one, especially me, is perfect and never will be.

So I’m not sweating the small stuff and it’s a much more enjoyable walk in this life.

Thank God.