2nd book: God Whispers…

God Whispers: Nudges, Fudges and Butterfly Moments released September 11, 2012
Second Edition with Father’s Press released April 15, 2013 in print and EBook

God talks to us, often in whispers.

Author Elizabeth Thompson is well acquainted with the subtleties with which our Lord will sometimes speak. Completely deaf by age 50 and now hearing with cochlear implants, Thompson has learned the value of listening with her heart. Her new book is an eye-opening journey into the silent corridors of a world void of sound, yet reverberating with the unmistakable voice of God, who loves each of us deeply. Along the way, she shares the beautiful stories of contributors ages 7 to 95 who have deepened their relationship with Jesus Christ by learning to listen for His gentle urgings.

ISBN-10: 1622872851; ISBN-13: 978-1622872855
Retail Price: $17.95
First Edition Release date: September 11, 2012
Second Edition Release date: April 14, 2013
Pages: 200
Book size: Paperback

For a signed copy, or a signed book plate, contact the author at LizT911@gmail.com

Now available in Kindle version at Amazon and as a Nook at Barnes and Noble and at Kobo Books
Paperback version no longer available

I have a few copies if you want to
send a message to me for a signed copy.

Signed copies are also being sold at the following shops:

Wind Chime Shop
29205 Ilesboro Road
Logan, Ohio 43138

God Whispers is divided into three sections:

Nudges—God nudges us when He lightly taps us on our shoulders to get our attention or gently pushes us in the right direction.

Fudges—Fudges are when we miss or ignore God’s nudges. (For fun, fudge recipes are included.)

Butterfly Moments—Just as the butterfly sheds its chrysalis, or cocoon, butterfly moments refer to that crucial defining moment of our spiritual growth when we cast off worldly ideas and embrace God’s forgiveness and restoration 



Morgen Bailey, of the United Kingdom, posted this interview with me: Interview with Liz Thompson Take a look. While there, check out all the many interviews she has posted.


Another GoodReads author, Troy Jackson, posted an interview with me on his website: Check it out: Interview


If you have scrolled down this far on my website, thank you! Here is a  review I’d like to share:

As an author on Goodreads, I took part in a giveaway for my new book, God Whispers: Nudges, Fudges and Butterfly Moments. Members request a copy and Goodreads awards a winner(s) for the books. Laura Pol won my book and wrote a lovely and honest review. She has given me permission to add it to my website.

Laura Pol wrote:

I am so glad that I had a chance to receive this book for free through a giveaway! It was very powerful and very thought-provoking!

Liz has a powerful message to be heard in that God can speak to us in the smallest ways that we would not even imagine and that He DOES speak to us even when we mess up!

I really enjoyed the songs, poems, and especially the letters from the teenagers that she weaves into her novel! I thought they added a feeling of being connected to other people that I have rarely experienced in other books. One thing I really enjoyed that she states is “I encourage you to keep track of your life experiences and pass then on to loved ones. Journaling, scrapbooking, blogging online, photography, and letter writing are a few suggestions.” I am so glad she mentions this because I feel it is very important in sharing the love of Jesus with our family members as well as others who might one day view these things.

Something that really convicted me in “God Whispers” was her mentioning the story of doing something as simple as making a phone call or writing a card to a friend. I do not do this enough and am extremely guilty when I do not call friends back. This is a great way to show the love of Jesus as Liz points out and I do not want to take my family/friends for granted, but would rather share the love of Jesus with them or simply encourage and be there when they need me.

One thing that I did notice in a lot of the book is that it could be a little choppy. Sometimes I felt Liz switched up topics to quickly without having an introduction to the change of topic. It could have flowed a little bit better, but I did find that the book tended to get better as I read along.

I also felt at times that there were way too many extra details that were unnecessary and took away from the point that Liz was trying to make or got me sidetracked. There was one time I even forgot what she was originally talking about and had to flip back a page

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