Book Talk

Friday, February 15th, I was fortunate to have the chance to talk with a group called OWLS – Older and Wiser Lutherans – at St. John’s Lutheran Church in my hometown, Grove City, Ohio.

As always, I enjoyed the give and take with the group of nearly 50 seniors more than hearing my own voice. Since I am now a senior as well, we shared many types of experiences and thoughts of our faith in God.

Discussing my latest book, God Whispers: Nudges, Fudges and Butterfly Moments, when I asked what they thought I meant by nudges, several shoved their elbows out to the side with a laugh! Right, I said. Sometimes God needs to give us the elbow, in one form or another, to get our attention.

This was a lively group that I enjoyed immensely. Of course photos often don’t capture all the “action” but thanks to Jim Rorick, I can share a few photos. The first one (on the top) is of me (standing) with Ruth Sawyer Jividen, almost 98, who has a letter to Jesus in my book. Behind her sharing a big smile is another friend and neighbor, Ann Reynolds, who brought Ruth this day.  Ruth is a local historical icon with stories that are shared of her early days in Grove City. She and I published a series of columns in the late Suburban News Publications called “Ruth Remembers.” She is the last descendant of the first settler in our fair town.

Thank you OWLS for a delightful experience.

Liz with Ruth Jividen

Liz with Ruth JividenDSCN6661 

Carol Rorick, friend and neighbor, giving my introduction.

Carol Rorick, friend and neighbor, giving my introduction.

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