When I fell backwards, I hit my hard head on the hardwood floor. It hurt. Badly. Thank God my husband was home and we soon learned it was bleeding. Badly.

My hubby called 911 and searched for my cochlear implant external devices so I could hear. He grabbed a towel and then another. So much blood. It was frightening to both of us.

The squad was at my side in mere minutes — God love them — doing what they could to stop the bleeding. I was completely cognizant and answered all the questions — birthdate, address, phone number, etc. Then I learned that head injuries always cause massive bleeding.

Once they got me to ER, the process began of registering, cleaning the site to see how bad the cut was, then the CT Scan and all the waiting in between. I was impressed at the calmness of the nurses, techs and doctors. Separated by cloth walls, we could hear some conversations in other areas but mostly we were quiet, waiting and praying to get us through this.

Then we heard it. Music over the PA that sounded like a lullaby. My husband and I looked at each other quizzically. Was that a cell phone? What?

Someone “next door” said, “A baby was just born!” and we smiled, big.

In the middle of blood, sweat and tears going on all around that ER, life was happening. New life.

God was present in ER and with that new baby. It calmed me more and I prayed again for the new life.

Four hours later, 7 staples in my scalp with a sheet covering my bloody shirt we arrived at home. I called my daughter, Mom (who had called while the squad was here) and Sonja who faithfully and lovingly watched our dog while we were at the hospital.

All is well. My head will heal. In the middle of the pain in my head we still heard a lullaby knowing new life was all around us.

And so was God.

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