Flying umbrella

Last night our patio table umbrella sailed over the covered deck roof and landed on our fence. In the process, it bent the wire holding our sugar snap peas in place.

Needless to say, it was storming — windy and raining furiously. The umbrella cloth was spent and had to be trashed. If only we had closed the umbrella when it started to rain…if only we had thought to take our dog out when we heard the thunder and before the deluge…if only.

Today everything is dripping with rain drops as the sun shines in a blue sky. What a difference from last night’s storm.

I love analogies so I can’t resist in this case.

The if only’s in life can wear us down and let us hang our heads in despair. Or we can learn from our mistakes. Next time the thunder starts, we will check if our soon-to-be new umbrella is closed. We’ll take our dog out to do his business and double-check anything that might fly through the air in the storm. Batten down, so to speak.

We need to do that with our lives in all respects. Make sure our lives have an anchor so in times of storms and rough seas, we have a port. We have a safe harbor. When we sail through a storm, like our umbrella, even if we are torn and battered, we know that God will be there for us. To protect and mend our bodies and souls.

Is that thunder I hear? Excuse me, I have some things to do.

2 thoughts on “Flying umbrella

  1. We can live in the mode of “if only” for all of our lives and not get anywhere — stuck in the past. You’re right — we have to batten down. Our sails may be battered but the One who holds the wheel, our Father, will always keep us sailing in the right direction.


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