Ashamed of me?

Many of us have received the email asking if we are ashamed of Jesus. If we delete the email and don’t pass it on — or something like that — we must be ashamed of Jesus. Well, this type of email really bugs me. I’m not ashamed of Jesus or my love for him or his sovereignty in my life but I don’t think an email tells that to the world — I think it’s how I play out my faith every minute of every day.

Today in worship we sang a hymn I had not heard before. Even with my cochlear implants, music pitches are somewhat elusive. If I don’t know the song, I sing quietly the best I can.

The last words in the last verse struck me hard, but in a good way. It said, “I hope Jesus is not ashamed of me.”

I’m not worried about deleting an email but I would worry if Jesus would look at me with sorrow. I don’t want him to be ashamed of me. I know he forgives me day after day but I pray every day that I won’t keep him too busy in that department.


One thought on “Ashamed of me?

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