Cleaning windows and pulling weeds

Cleaning windows is tedious work, true, but the results make for clear views to the outside. Ohio has had it’s share of rain this year, along with many parts of the U.S. So we have a lot of green to enjoy through our now clean windows.

Because of the rain, we also have our share of weeds in our yard and garden. Years ago I wrote a column about taking time to pull the weeds from our soul and to make time to enjoy the beauty in life. If we are choked with weeds — sin and sometimes too much busyness — we won’t flourish and grow. The same goes for our flowers, grass and vegetable gardens. Weeds choke the life out of them. So out they must go.

While wiping the dirt off the windows, inside and out and in the runner part where the windows slide open and shut, I found dead spiders and flys. Yuck is a good word for this type of work.

Yet so necessary.

It’s hard not to draw analogies. We must keep our vision clear so the yucky stuff in life doesn’t take the lead. Our focus must be on God and what he wants us to do with this life he gave us.

We all have detours and I’ve had my share. But with every twist and turn, I learned what is important. I’m still at it and hope to learn till my last breath.

So today, take a moment and think about what you find important in your life, what you can change to make better and how you can be a blessing to someone.

Even if it’s as small as cleaning a window or pulling a weed. Less clutter, more beauty.

The photo at the top of my website is a sparrow photo one of my grandsons took for me. Jacob is quite the photographer but more than that, he has a good eye.

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