Name that book

I need your ideas.

When a writer has an idea for a story or a book, typically a title comes to mind. Even though a publisher will likely change that title, an author has to submit a book proposal with a working title.

I’m calling my third book 10 Years Later. I am revisiting people I interviewed, mostly while I was deaf, from 2000-2003 when I was a reporter and writing about where they are today — or where the issues stand today. These people include:

  • Firefighters who were part of Task Force One to NYC on 9/11/01,
  • City councilwoman who was a Cuban refugee at age 12,
  • A ballet teacher who survived a Japanese war camp from age 1-5,
  • Music in education; in particular one music teacher, now retired and the work of another music teacher who has since passed away,
  • A musician who was inducted into the Senior’s Music Hall of Fame,
  • A pediatrician who has led 12 medical missions to Honduras,
  • A high school valedictorian with dreams.

What title would make you pull it off the shelf and read it?

Brainstorm and write your ideas in comments below. One idea leads to another so have at it!

And thanks.

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