Irritating flys

The book I’m currently reading, Hawaiian Sunrise,  by Lauraine Snelling is a good read and I recommend it.

Today a quote struck me as funny and indicative of life’s irritations. A woman is visiting her mother and her brother is there, too. Her two boys are playing and she said she had a poem, apparently one of her sons wrote, from Vacation Bible School:

“If Noah really had been so wise, why didn’t he swat those two old flies?”

I laughed out loud. God could have left the flies and all the other pesky creatures off the ark, true. But life without bumps and irritations would be rather bland. Smooth. No obstacles overcome. Besides, it is a challenge to chase those errant flies with a fly swatter when they get in the house.

Every creature on this earth has a purpose – that includes each of us. I’ll be seeking my purpose in God’s plan for the rest of my life because  I think it shifts with His need. And God’s plan doesn’t always fit nice and neat into what I think my life plan should be. That makes life interesting. What will God have me do next? And I wait and listen.

This year our church is basing Vacation Bible School on the first two books of the Bible: Genesis 1 and 2. If you haven’t read it lately, pick up your Bible and read it again. It will be interesting to see what the 5th- and 6th-graders I’m teaching have to say; I’m counting on some wonderful comments about God’s creation.

As things are still so green here in Ohio and our garden is producing food, I stand in awe of how God made every seed to grow into a plant. Each green bean I plucked from the plants today, made me thankful for His love for us. When I see the seeds poking green stubs of plants through the dark soil, I realize I’m holding my breath in wonder.

Then this pesky fly whizzes past my ear and I jump. Then laugh.

I’m listening, Lord. Show me the way.

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