Prayers for new Foster Parents Nick and Beth

Nick and Beth have chosen to follow God’s direction in their lives. They are in their 20’s and have chosen to become foster parents.  I don’t personally know this couple but my daughter asked me to pray for them. Which I am and will continue to do.

Opening your home to children you don’t know and may walk or be carried in your door at any time of day or night takes faith–and lots of prayer.

Are they ready? Their hearts are apparently ready and  that’s the most important factor when you consider the emotional needs of a child needing a home–albeit, temporarily.

My daughter is hosting a “baby” shower for the couple. Think about it–a baby has certain need whereas a toddler has others. An elementary-aged child has different needs, too. Clothing, bedding, toys; it all changes every year. The people attending this tea/shower has grown to 30 women all eager to help this couple prepare their home and to show their love and  support for their decision.

No matter what child or children are brought to Nick and Beth’s home, I have a strong feeling that the child will be welcomed, loved and cared for.

Think back on your own childhood. What was the most important element for you to feel safe and loved? I encourage you to pray for this couple to be able to provide that for the children they will care for. Whether it be a story read at bedtime, food in their bellies, shoes that fit so you can run and play, a hug when you wake in the morning and so much more. Most of what we desire costs nothing. Love. Comfort. Laughter and tears. A strong arm to hold you when you are weak. Someone to cheer you when you succeed, even if it’s learning to tie your shoes.

Nick and Beth, and their church and friend community, are going to open their hearts and home to do just that for children in need.

God bless them on their journey and let God’s strong arm comfort and support them. May their days be filled with joy and growth and their nights be filled with restful sleep.

Thank God for people like Nick and Beth who are willing to  listen to God’s voice and take steps to the unknown; not for their own benefit but to give hope and love to children who need it; children who did not ask for their situations and need to know there are people who care. In that way, they will learn that our Heavenly Father cares for them, no matter where they lay their tiny heads at night.

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