Finding a decent movie, or two

I love a good movie. Hunkering down with a bowl of popcorn — buttered, of course — and watching a good drama or comedy makes for a fun evening. The trick is to find a movie that isn’t filled with bad language, excessive violence and needless sexual encounters or innuendos. Tough to find but worth the search.

I’d love your suggestions since the well is running dry for me. More recently, I watched Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993) and Extraordinary Measures (2010), both rated PG and based on true stories. I recommend both highly and you can watch them with your children or grandchildren.

I don’t want to fill my head with visions of violence that is called action and love scenes that show too much for comfort. I love a good mystery or love story but I like my imagination to be challenged, not bombarded with senseless actions that go nowhere and have no positive lasting effect.

Do you have any good movie suggestions? I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “Finding a decent movie, or two

  1. I suggest the Ultamate Gift. It is an older movie, but I thought is was very good. I also live Life is Beautiful in italian.


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