God got my attention. My manuscript was only days away from being sent to Jebaire Publishing for their final approval or acceptance and I dreamt — in a half-sleep, half-prayer — that the book was not ready to send. Then my prayer was, “Show me what’s missing.”

The next morning, as I was walking down the hall to our kitchen, it felt like my left hand was being almost pulled toward a stack of Bibles. In the middle of this stack was my ESV Read Through the Bible. I said aloud, “OK, I’m moving as fast as I can. What is it you want me to see?”

I flipped the Bible open and it came to a section in the back I had never read: “God’s Plan to Save You.” I was dumbstruck, speechless. Right then I knew what was missing in my book. A chapter for those readers who thought God would never talk to them, those who felt unworthy — and aren’t we all? — those who didn’t know what to do with their sin. I said, “OK, show me what to write.”

I sat at my computer and wrote the last chapter I named, “The Good News.” After this experience, I began looking at my reading life.

Being an avid reader, I was tracking my books on In about 1 year I had read more than 100 books. Kind of scary that I was spending so much time reading. Many of the books are written by Christian authors with uplifting themes.

Then I realized that I was not making time for devotional or Bible reading/study.  I decided to stop ordering books from the library and finish reading through the Bible. I had stopped at May the year before. I joined a woman’s Bible study at our new church, spent at least an hour every morning reading the Bible, bought a devotional book which I plan to review on this site and started reading.

I’m still at it and don’t plan to ever stop reading the Bible and learning.

When God was leading me down the hallway to the Bible, I knew he was guiding me and I was listening. I was so excited after I wrote that chapter that I called my daughter and told her.

I recommend listening for God’s voice in your life. He will call you in a way you will understand. But he will call and we must listen.

Blessings to each of you on this new day.

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