Book Review: Under God’s Sky

When  our pastor learned my manuscript had been accepted by a publisher, he announced it to our Bible study. He said in his last church, in Washington State, a man had published a devotional book (and that he had been mentioned in the acknowledgments.) I asked the name of the book and when I got home, I ordered it. Soon after reading part of the book, I ordered two more as gifts.

Under God’s Sky, Reflections for Christian Men by John R.  Hardison, is a great devotional book for anyone. Hardison reflects on his life in Washington with a bent toward men’s activities — hunting, camping in the rough, and more. But I was fascinated with a glimpse into this man’s world and his love for God. It is evident in every word that God has been his beacon and remains his guide through his life — which hasn’t always been easy. He has had his share of sorrow and disappointment.

I first read the devotion called “One Worried Robin.” In part, it reads:

One morning at early dawn, a thud woke me from my sleep. Something had hit our living room windows. Though ordinarily I would have gone to investigate, that morning I didn’t even open my eyes. I knew what it was. You see a robin lives in the trees not far from the window, and he’s a worrier. When it gets light he sees his reflection in the window and thinks that another robin is about to take over his territory. The closer he moves to the “usurper,” the closer the image appears in the window. He spends hours working himself into a frenzy and beating himself against the window. If he would only understand that things are not as bad as they seem–he really is the imagined problem–he would have a much nicer day. Maybe he would avoid eventually hurting himself.

He goes on to talk about how things usually are not as bad as they seem and that we should pray more and worry less. I loved the analogy.

His book has humor, prayer, scripture and real life circumstances that most people will relate to. You will read about life in Washington and writing that draws you into his experiences. It’s a wonderful way to begin  your day.

I recommend it highly.

To order, go to this link: Northwestern Publishing House or check out John’s website and order a signed copy, as long as they last.

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