Ideas never stop

Once a writer, always a writer. My mind seldom shuts down and ideas seem to stream into my brain. When I know God is inspiring me with something new, it’s exhilarating and I can’t wait to see where the ideas lead.

Recently I was going through all the newspaper stories I saved from my reporting days from 2000-early 2003. I found myself saying, “I wonder how she is today?” Then the inspiration hit. 10 years later – then and now. The 17-year old valedictorian who had dreams — did she fulfill any?

The list goes on.

Then I realized that I interviewed most of these people while I was deaf and prior to my first cochlear implant. Another angle to think about. But more than anything, my curiosity about these interesting people was the catalyst for coming up with the idea. Next I had to contact them. Thank God for the Internet for looking for people; it is making this task easier.

Since 9/11 happened 10 years ago, that is another angle for the book. But since it obviously would not be published this year, that won’t be the main theme of the book.

Stay tuned for more updates on my newest project.

If you were interviewed by me in this time frame, I hope you will leave a note so I can talk with you.

Thanks for listening!

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