Dear God…

Dear God…. 
disturb me.

Rouse me from sleepy paths
       of comfortable faith
That too easily become
             dangerous ruts of safety
Rather than the adventurous path
You have called me to walk with you.
Forgive me for focusing more
On what I want you to do for “my ministry” 
              and “my life”
Than what you may want me to do
For you and for your kingdom.
Help me to remember that your call to me
Is simply to follow–
And that you are on the move
Push me, Jesus,
       with the lifting power of your Spirit
Out of stagnant places I’ve been in
Prod me past the horizons
     formed by my fear
Give me an attitude
   that is finally ready to follow you,
No matter what.
I want to go beyond.
I really do, Lord.
Where you lead me, I will follow.
No turning back.
–by Ben Cachiaras, 2010 NACC President
(North American Christian Convention)

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