Journal Writing?

Journal writing has never been a strong suit for me. As a teen, I had a diary with a key (!) but I was allowed 3 lines a day. Hardly enough for this verbose person. I have used notebooks to jot ideas down but never a real journal. Yesterday, for some reason, it seemed like a good idea to compile my notes, thoughts and maybe even a dream or two, into one book.

My columns have really been like a journal to me. When I look back when I started in 1998, I can remember where I was then and what I was thinking about certain things. But my head is always swimming with ideas.

Now to find the book.

After these snow storms stop happening here in Ohio, I will get to a store to find the perfect book to start my journal in. The only differences will be that I will have free space — not only 3 lines — to write and there will be no key.

One thought on “Journal Writing?

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