The Knot Prayer

Dear God:

Please untie the knots

That are in my mind,

My heart and my life.

Remove the have nots,

The cannots and the do nots

Erase the will nots,

May nots,

Might nots that may find

A home in my heart.

Release me from the could nots

Would nots and

Should nots that obstruct my life.

And most of all,

Dear God,

I ask that you remove from my mind,

My heart and my life all of the “am nots”

That I have allowed to hold me back,

Especially the thought

That I am not good enough.


Author Known to God

4 thoughts on “The Knot Prayer”

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  2. This prayer really speaks to me. When I first read it, it was “written anonymously” and I wanted to know who the author was. It was easy to find this site and I’m sorry that this poem has been so widely distributed without proper attribution. Often the sites say the author is “known only to God”; I’m thankful that the author also knows God. Thanks liz, for writing this. I’m sure it has helped many people.

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